Friday, March 16, 2012

Real Photography For A Digital World

Nikon D7k w/ 55-200 VR lens

Because weeds and lenses are more interesting to talk about than agents.  They seem like a pretty irritable lot these days.  Every week or so one runs their mouth (or keyboard in this situation) and creates a stir because they're finally revealing how they actually felt all along.  I suppose if I woke up tomorrow and learned that 100 monkeys or whatever it is could suddenly write books that made sense to humans and my life's work was nullified, I'd be irritable, too. 

So, sorry, you guys.  You chose the wrong team to side with.

This was taken with my zoom which I was going to sell but I might as well throw away or keep in the drawer for what I can get for it.  It's a year old and completely depreciated.  

If you scroll down on the blog, you can see the photo I took for the cover of Last Junior Year.  It was at a winter horse show in Tampa and sort of obviously taken with a zoom lens.  It's what was always on the camera because I was always at horse shows and standing well back from my subjects.  It was force of habit to think I needed another zoom.  They seem so practical, one lens instead of lugging a couple around with you, so that's what I got.  It had good reviews.  I'm really underwhelmed by its utility for me.  I do like the VR (vibration reduction) capability.  Still, no point in being grumpy, this is quite a nice shot.

The Murder Is Exhausting giveaway has been a completely satisfying experience and I'm looking forward to seeing how Nothing Serious does.

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