Friday, March 23, 2012

Indulge Me

It's been a weird day.  I certainly didn't expect the ice cream thing to interest anyone since it didn't interest anyone until this morning.  But of course free is different and it makes everything attractive

I had 2 reviews today.  I know I talk too much about reviews.  Bear with me or see you tomorrow.  I won't really discuss the 1st.  It was curious and a bit off-putting, borderline creepy actually.

The other 1 was the reverse and I won't post it here because it was personal for the reader.

I had an agent for a while, she's pretty well-known now.  I would call it a boutique agency.  At one point she took me aside and told me to just write stories.  Don't try to reach people or explain life to them or be deep.  People just want to be entertained she said.  I wasn't very entertaining because I was always trying to say something. 

I'm not sure you have that much of a choice as to what comes out of you.  You just have to make peace with it.  Amanda Hocking sure writes those fantasy novels like no one's business.  I couldn't do it.  I do my thing.  It's a niche audience.

This reader read one of my books over 20 years ago and it took her until this month to go public.  I thought wow.  Even though we've never met, I don't know who she is, we shared a very powerful connection.

So you don't know.  You set these things free and you don't know who you touched and how.  It was just a moment of chance that I ever saw the review.

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