Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bad Apple Counting Down The Hours

Yes, BA1 is on Day 89 of its Kindle Select stint.  Giving it away didn't do anything for sales and deprived epub oriented readers of book 1 in the series.  It was something of a mistake but let me defend myself.

Prior to enrolling BA1 in Kindle Select it had a freebie stint on Smashwords that bled over to BN (doesn't always happen).  So it was free at BN for quite a while, long enough for 500 copies to be downloaded.  I thought when I decided to remove 1 from BN there were 500 people who could read 2 & 3 in the interim.  That didn't happen.  The other choice would have been to put all 3 into Select.  Which probably wouldn't have done anything anyway.

When I learned how to play chess, all I knew then and know now is about moving the pawns around.  It's not a game I understand or care to learn.  For me all this moving the books around in Select or BN is like moving the pawns.  You move sideways, you move back and forth but you get nowhere.

All we can say is that my results have been all over the map.   I'm not opposed to doing Select again but I'm not excited by it.  Yes even with the nice results from the ice cream book--which haven't resulted in sales of anything else.  I would like Amazon to make the next move.  Sweeten the pot.  Change the terms somehow.  But I'm sure it's sweet enough for most people so they probably don't see the need to offer more.

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