Sunday, March 25, 2012

Photoshop CS6

I didn't start as a fan of Photoshop.  Initially you could say I hated it.  I downloaded a trial and couldn't figure it out so bought Corel Draw.  Which I completely recommend BTW.  Issues started to arise where Photoshop seemed better at some things, so I kept going back and then I was hooked.  It took me about 2 months, many days were 8+ hours at it.  Photoshop has a very steep learning curve.  But luckily there are lots of tutorials out there and lots of information, so what I did was set out to do a tutorial every day, whether it was something I needed to do for a book or not, I was trying to figure out how the program worked and build up some skills.

It paid off.  I love Photoshop.  (I think Adobe help files are...well I need more help than is there but you can always google because I'm not the only one struggling.)

Today I found out they released CS6 in Beta a couple days ago.  It's free.  This is a great time to go try it.  There are some amazing, magical (!) new functions.  Photoshop CS6 Beta.  It is a huge file, about 1.5 G which is bigger than most movies but if you have good download speed you should be fine.

It looks like they pretty much combined Lightroom with Photoshop and added I think it's called Premiere Elements, their video editing program.  So under 1 program you have everything.

It's very exciting.  And this is what Word needs.  Why are we in 2012 and Word can't export to epub and mobi formats?  Hey, Bill, send an add-on or a patch.

Yes I understand some of you are still reluctant to create your own covers but for those of you either doing it or considering it, Photoshop is the gold standard.

As soon as I get the program running, I'll post photos of one amazing function.  82% done!

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