Monday, March 5, 2012

Fling Transformed Into Waiting For You

Fling.  The title has changed and I gave it a quickie temporary cover that suited it but knew wouldn't last.  I think this is where it will be for a good long while.

There is a giveaway for Dream Horse on GoodReads so it will be interesting to see how that works out.
Then there's one for Murder Is Exhausting.  Proof copies from CreateSpace.

Normally I would have given them to the local library but libraries are very suspicious of indie books.  I was told by the librarian that self-published books aren't quite up to the standard of tradpub so when they get emails selling this or that indie book, they're deleted.  Granted some people are more enthusiastic about their work than realistic, but on the other side, unless readers and libraries can pay for perfection, they have to be a little more forgiving of small glitches. 

Will I do anything about Castor Poche/Flammarion Publisher in France?  No, I won't even bother.  When you have government sanctioned theft of intellectual property, I'm not going to exercise myself over it. 

What's ludicrous is that puny minded politicians world-wide are wringing their hands over a little bit of piracy when this is theft on a grand, monumental scale made perfectly legal.

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