Thursday, March 8, 2012

Photoshop For Web Design

About two years ago I spent a lot of time using Expression Web and was gaining ground understanding it.  Then I had to learn Photoshop and by now have forgotten most of what I knew.  I sat here struggling with css and wondered if you can at least build the page in Photoshop--I wasn't even asking for links or bells and whistles.

The answer is yes, you can do this in Photoshop.  This vid shows you some of steps.  It's pretty straightforward and easy to find what tools you need.  And you can create linkable links.  You are most of the way to your page just in using PS.

I just really want a page at the moment.  Very low requirements.

Someone said---Dean Wesley Smith I'm pretty sure--that we've gotten past early adopters of digital reading and are getting into the main population now.  This is good news.

It is true though that the market is more flooded with more choices than ever and it is harder to be found, so having an increased footprint on the web by using dedicated websites can't hurt.

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