Saturday, March 17, 2012


I was thinking about Schtupid Cupid leaving Select later today and this song came to me.


Perhaps you're not familiar with Judy Holliday.  She's was a genius.  No, really, her IQ was sky-high and she was very talented.  Unfortunately, taken far too young by cancer.

The Broadway play was turned into a movie and I love it but have never been comfortable with Dean Martin as the male lead.  Obviously he could sing.  It just doesn't work for me although I can't think of who would have been better. What was Gene Kelly doing at the time?  I love Gene Kelly.

Another agent ran their mouth, and got contract law wrong, besides pretty much insulting all writers.  And there was the part about writers unwisely  talking down tradpub on their blogs.  Oops!  The irony is strong in this one.

I'm sure that for the next few years there will be a constant supply of fresh meat, I mean newbie writers, who will sign away their first born child (literally) in order to have the imprimatur of traditional publishing.  For me the cost is too steep.  They have a scorched earth policy toward writers.  Not only will they mishandle your book, they will mishandle you.  You will have your feelings hurt.  Do I need to repeat that?  You will feel like you've been run over emotionally by a tractor trailer unless you get extremely lucky, like winning the Mega-Lotto lucky, and find a good agent who is nice, does her job and places your book with an editor who not only respects you but lasts longer than 6 weeks in her position.

Learn to do the grunt work of publishing your book by yourself or hire someone to do it.  Don't imagine the easy route is signing away your work just so you can avoid some formatting.  Sure you may feel like banging your head against the monitor but think about how good it will feel when the aspirin kicks in.

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