Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The White Shadow Once Lost Now Found

The first 3 reels of The White Shadow, a silent film made in 1923 by Alfred Hitchcock have been found in a vault in New Zealand.  I know not many people will care, some probably don't know who Alfred Hitchcock was, some have never seen a silent movie.  It's a major find.  It's a big deal to those who care about film history--which leaves out about 98% of the people in the film business now.

There was great variety in silent films (unlike today).  There were comedies, dramas, mysteries, adventure, westerns.  Some were very simple, some were very complex and intellectually challenging.  Nothing that comes out of Hollywood is intellectually challenging today.  Some filmmakers thought it was a lark, some took it very seriously.  True art was created and The White Shadow might be good, it might be great, it might be trash, but it's a piece of film history and to regain what was lost is always cause for celebration.

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