Sunday, August 14, 2011

Cover Art Disasters

I was checking some of my books at BN yesterday and they now have the same kind of ribbon that Amazon does "Readers also bought" or whatever it says.  There were a couple books there, obviously self-published.  How am I so sure?  Because they looked like someone who didn't have a clue about anatomy drew the people used in the artwork.

Years ago I knew 2 people who claimed to be psychics.  I won't challenge them on that claim.  Okay.  Whatever.  But he was a "professional artist".  He also didn't know anything about anatomy.  I suppose if being an artist these days is draping orange fabric over everything in sight, you don't need to know about anatomy the way artists of old did.  He illustrated all their books, did all their cover art.  Disaster.  Worse than prawn chips.

I can only say one thing--Don't do this.  Spend $15 and buy a photo.

I'm not sure at all about the thinking that goes into this decision.  Do they actually believe that's good artwork?  Do they not care?  Have they no ability to discriminate?  I think it's a hard sell to have an amateurish cover.  Even if you were Hemingway, I don't think it would work.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Why risk it? 

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