Monday, August 1, 2011

So Many Of Everything

There are so many good photographers.  I was looking around at their websites yesterday.
There are so many good singers.  You see them show up at auditions for X Factor or America's Got Talent or American Idol.
There are so many pretty girls.  They go to NYC to be models.  They go to Hollywood to get in the movies.  (They still make movies??)  Or be on television, there's still television.

There are so many people who think they can write.  And actually they're pretty much correct.
What's his name--sorry---Charles Grodin wrote an interesting book about the life of an actor called It Would Be So Nice If You Weren't Here.  You can get it at amazon for a penny--it's an old book already.  It's worth reading.
He made some good points that the entertainment business is survival of the fittest not necessarily the best.  The "best" may be too tender to withstand the blatant message of "It would be so nice if you weren't here".
I had some friends at one point who I thought were quite talented musicians/singers/performers but they didn't make it.  They got the breaks, they had the connections, but still they failed.  Now I think they weren't nearly as good as I thought they were.  They were like thousands of others who play and sing reasonably well and perform engagingly.  Something elevates people out of the crowd.  What?

Now there is no one to tell writers (besides the drunk trolls) "It would be so nice if you weren't here cluttering up the place".  I didn't realize all those years that's what editors and agents were saying to most of us.

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