Friday, August 19, 2011

Again, It's The End of The World

Amazon publishing is rolling out its first book under Larry Kirschbaum and again we have the handwringing.  And weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth and so forth. Crown couldn't match the offer.  Amazon has tentacles everywhere blah blah blah.

"Traditional publishers do not necessarily believe that. Some are downright nervous about the intentions of Amazon, with its deep pockets and a unparalleled distribution system into tens of millions of living rooms and onto electronic devices.
Some independent bookstores have already said they do not intend to carry any books from the retailer, not wanting to give a dollar to a company they feel is putting them out of business."

That's a smart business move since the whole bookselling thing is like totally 20th century and bookstores are closing faster than you can scarf down a bag of Doritos.  Let's have a bookstore and don't sell books!  That's a novel idea!

Fear On A Stick

Before I started to hate Tom Hanks, I watched You've Got Mail so many times I can repeat the dialog.  It's a cute movie, isn't it.    But the part I didn't understand was why Blondie didn't set up a website for selling her damn vintage kid's books.

I lucked out, won't bore you with the details I'll bore you with more camera stuff later, and got a private library of quite nice books going to the dump some years back.  I sold them on the internet INTERNATIONALLY and made thousands of dollars without trying at all.  I just listed them at and on ebay.  This isn't rocket science (which is good because rocket scientists have become really stupid lately and are talking about alien invasions to save the planet from "global warming".  Have you guys READ the emails from the East Anglia scientists???)

So why didn't Blondie put down Pride and Prejudice for a couple minutes, come up with a website and start selling those books?  Well because I guess there was no internet in Shop Around the Corner, the movie this was based on.  If she actually expanded her business she couldn't keep whining "It's not just business.  It was personal TO ME."  But all is well because the deadtree publishing industry was going to publish the book she wrote.  So she's a freaking writer?  Gimme a break.   (And one final, no really, comment.  She gets into bed wearing her street clothes??  She sat on a bus or a subway after a homeless person sat in that same seat in their clothes that they pooped in.  Now she gets into bed in those clothes?)

All I'm saying is keep up with the times.  There are plenty of opportunities and whining just proves you're not serious about getting on with life.

For me, given where I live--out in the middle of nowhere--I thank Jeff Bezos every time a smiling box balances precariously on my mailbox.  He makes my life easier.

Onto the lens which I have to admit is like sort of a Christmas Eve scenario when you know in a couple hours you're getting presents.  But I tracked the thing and it's in the FedEx hub city.  Sure you could easily make that long drive and get the lens here by the end of the day but with UPS by this point on delivery day there would be a notification "Out For Delivery".  So my Tokina isn't even on the van to be delivered?  How are they going to do this?

UPDATE I don't know if they drove it or flew it but it's "Out For Delivery".  Oh Christmas Morning!  Santa left presents!

UPDATE 2 The FedEx man arrived before noon and gave me my Christmas.  That I couldn't make work for about an hour.  I'm still not convinced this is the greatest thing since macaroni in amusing shapes but here's the first image that I think is visually pretty darn interesting.  (No special effects.  This is the image.)

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