Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maybe I Shouldn't Read AutoBios Anymore

Here's a couple thoughts on Lips Unsealed.
Belinda Carlisle--Who knew a human could ingest such vast quantities of drugs and not die.
Morgan Mason-What a mensch!
I think she outpaced Steven Tyler.

Anything more to say than that would be inappropriate.

Writing thought, not tip, of the day.  I think it's very difficult to redeem a character if you've taken it perhaps a notch too far.  I just finished a novel recently (nevermind which one) and I found myself commenting throughout "Idiot!"  "Moron!"  That's the main character.  Someone you might say has very little to no character at all.  Now there's a companion volume and once I started that I found myself saying "Schmuck!"  I read the first couple chapters and then I read the last chapter, but doubt if I'll bother with the middle.  I don't care about the character and the arc anymore.  Any compassion or interest I had in that character was lost.

I think the writer has to give the character something for the audience to hang onto.  Something substantial so you can say "They behaved badly there, but you know there's goodness because of fill-in-the-blank"  I don't want to read about unremitting stupidity, self-centeredness, narcissism and cruelty.  I'm sure those things don't bother many people but I'm sure they bother many people.

I don't know if anything makes a difference anymore.  If at some point everyone who could possibly have a device to read on has one, the audience is so vast if you're found by your audience, what do you care if other people don't like what you do?

You certainly can't write to the drunk troll reviews because every single one of them complains about something else.

I got a nice note from someone who read Not Low Maintenance and thought she had identified the town I based it on.  And even the district of the town.  Bravo, Michelle!  Old Field is not strictly a real town, though.  There are elements of several towns in it as well as fantasy out of necessity.

This is an old photo, 100 years, that I found.  It was handtinted and I kept to that.  I may try to fool around with it some more to increase my knowledge of Photoshop.  Can I make the sky blue and make it look real.  Sure it's possible to fill the sky area with blue but it won't look like the sky.  I think the solution is a gradient.

Well, that wasn't hard at all.

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