Friday, August 5, 2011

Peachy Keen

Every week I think the cookbook will be done and every week I get sidetracked.  That's my news on that.

Here's how I solved the problem of Aldiko not working on my Nook Android Tab.  Try to follow me on this.  I downloaded Moon Reader.  It worked.  I uninstalled Aldiko.  And felt better about it.  The support guy at Nook2Android aka N2A is really nice so I'm totally satisfied with them and not bothering with the hassle of rooting it myself was smart.  Nook2Android

They think I'm crazy at the farm market.  The owner even jokes with me every time I buy an eggplant.  He remembers that I once remarked how shiny it was.  Then he says "Why, you can almost see your face in it!"  He adds the orders up outloud.  It's a remarkable performance.  So yesterday I bought the coolest radishes to take pictures of.  They are just gorgeous.  I also bought peaches.  I forgot to roast one yesterday for the cookbook.  Yeah I thought I was done coming up with new recipes but come on, roasted peaches?  Those are fantastic!

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