Monday, August 15, 2011

Nothing Serious

I just did a new cover for my novel, Nothing Serious, so that's quite exciting.

The book was originally, and rightfully so, titled Disconnected.  I think it should still be called Disconnected but that word is too long for me to design onto a space 1000 x 1500 pixels and be understood in thumbnail size.  That's the issue.  There's lots of creative things you *can* do but whether they work in a bookstore or on the net are two very different things.

I did what I could.  It was cute.   It didn't sell.  I did a new cover with a vintage postcard.  The sales picked up but I still think it's laboring under that "dated" perception.

So here's the new cover.  I would have liked the hat to be purple but  after getting halfway there I decided I'd had enough for one afternoon and packed it in.  It's something for the future.

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