Thursday, September 29, 2011


That's the title of my new YA.

I somehow got the idea-- what would happen if a young woman became a paparazzi, a celebrity photographer.  So, very excited, I emailed my pal and gave him the one-liner.  He thought it was a great idea and he started imagining all the different things that could happen, all the titles, how hilarious it could be.  I thought "oh, this is good, the whole Bad Apple series is on the heavy side, doing something funny would be like a vacation!"  I hadn't finished the first chapter when I could feel it changing.

There are some light moments and Kip, the main character, manages to press on never feeling sorry for herself, but there are some mature themes and another friend who's a medical professional said "Don't go there."  I went there anyway.

So here's the blurb

Celebrity.  A by-product of talent or the goal.  The crumbs of greatness or the whole cake.

When Kip “I lied about being 18 for so long, it seemed like the truth” Chanin, arrives in Los Angeles with her mother who wants to work in Hollywood, it doesn’t take her long to understand that this is a factory town and the product is an illusion.  To help support her two-person family, Kip grits her teeth, puts aside being a news photographer and becomes a paparazzi.

Kip’s first photo is of Alex Milne, the handsome and volatile young actor.  That one photo changes both their lives.  An evening being detained in the Beverly Hills Police Station expands Kip’s world and opportunities both wanted and unwanted confront her.  To lasting shock and pain, Kip learns the identity of her father and she sets out to solve a murder that’s been gossiped about in Hollywood for the last 80 years, tainting the Milne family to the present day.

One thing Kip learns to her core is that life is real even in a city dedicated to creating illusions.

And here's the cover. 

There'll probably be a sequel but I don't think it'll be a trilogy.

Tonight X-Factor is on and I'm really going to enjoy it.

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