Friday, September 9, 2011


My most popular post, traffic wise on this blog, is one from months ago and I used the analogy of a certain kind of layered frozen dessert when discussing publishing.  Apparently people are really interested in this dessert and flock here in droves to find out more, only to be disappointed by finding all these ramblings about writing.

How you make it--you freeze the layers separately.  Okay?  Freeze one.  Add the next.  Freeze it.  Add the third.  Freeze it.  Look up terrines for more details.

Unlike other novelists, I find myself strangely uncompelled by all the books out there I can spend my time with.
Not that I have ever been a huge reader of fiction.  Most of my books are either history or cooking.  When I got the Nook, I read a lot of fiction.  Since I like Chinese food and I've never gotten the whole bit about you eat it and an hour later you're still hungry quip, I won't say it's all been like Chinese food but I will say it's been unsatisfying.  It's like when you are invited to a party at dinnertime and they only serve appetizers but no dinner.
You waste hours and then you still have to forage for sustenance.

I think some current books are like tapas.  You go to the tapas bar and you eat all appetizers and that is the meal.  And unlike me, this does satisfy a lot of people.

My pal in England sent me a novel a couple weeks ago--the sort that couldn't be published here because it's not formulaic enough.   Do we give readers what they want or do they come to want what we give them?

I just realized something.  I don't think I've been to the library since I got the Nook.  Worse, I don't foresee going back to the library.  The library is so inconvenient.  You have to go there.  If you don't have anything else to do and it's not a 30 mile round trip with gas at $4 a gallon, then the library is a deal.  Otherwise not so much.  Then they punish you if you can't drive because of a snowstorm or something.  Ten cents a day.  Oh keep the darn books.  I think I'll just read my way through the classics I missed earlier.

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