Friday, September 23, 2011

I Deserve SO Much More Respect Than I Get

Who among you can have their $9.99 paperback priced at


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And I can even top myself.  The used one is selling for $2000.  All I can say is If Only.  Ten of those used books a year and I'm in really good shape.

This is for Impossible Charlie, (Dream Horse in digital format) the first book I self-published and it was through Lightning Source.  I chose LSI because they had a relationship with Amazon.  The book has always been available at Amazon up until now.

Do I have to end the relationship with LSI now and redo the process at CreateSpace?  Where is the support for this question?  I don't know.  From the beginning of Amazon, they have been very shy about broadcasting how to contact them.

Over this week, I helped someone tweak their cover design for a short story.  He sent me two attempts.  I chose the version without the text over the photo of a person.

This is the original.  Not bad at all.

I made the blue a bit darker, changed the font to something simple and bold and made it the color of the mist instead of white.   Why?  White can be fairly harsh and the photo is "soft".

Vik had done it all to 98% and I'll bet if he had let it sit for a couple days and come at it with fresh eyes, he would have simplified his choices just the way I did.  Now it's clear and crisp and can be read in thumbnail size.  I don't know what Dreamstime charges (which is stupid because I actually sell stock photos with them) but I'm sure it's under $20.

Give it a whirl.  Try to do your own cover.  Then if you're not pleased with the results, you can always pay someone, but at least it's an experience.  Unless of course you're pressed for time, and I understand how you feel you just don't have the time to do it.

I did get a mailing from Adobe and they are having a price decrease of Photoshop Elements which is a simpler and much less expensive version of Photoshop Creative Suite.  So you can download a trial of that and see if you can make it work.

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