Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kiana Davenport

I just read what happened to this woman.  Go there and read for yourself how nutso legacy publishing has become.

Davenport Dialogs

The basics are she signed with Riverhead (she doesn't say that but someone scoped it out) and got $20,000 advance for her new novel.  When the publisher (where is the freaking agent thru all this, huh????) found out she had self-published 2 collections of short stories they had already rejected and had nothing to do with her novel, they brought out the lawyers and demanded the advance back.  After screaming abuse at her on the phone.

I wonder if it's the same editor at Riverhead who told me no one wanted to read romantic comedy novels about 15 years ago.  Wouldn't that be a coincidence.

More evidence of the genius at work in tradpub.  I don't know what else to say.  People who are losing their prestige and power go cuckoo.  This isn't a political blog so I won't show you the many instances from this month alone of that happening in other arenas.  Again we see the elites believing they can treat people they perceive to be beneath them with contempt and legal maneuvers.

Fire that agent.  The agent is...this is the f'ing real world, we're not talking about the agent fairy and the fielding the deals nonsense.  The agent is there to protect the writers' interests.  How is it in Kiana's interests that she's being legally harassed and verbally abused by a multinational corporation?  The agent should have been screaming right back at the editor. The editor, in the first place, has no business speaking directly to the writer in anything pertaining to the contract and fees.

Someone drive a stake through its heart before it gets up and bothers us again.  Like I keep saying "Just die already."

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Kiana Davenport said...

I don't know who posted this blog but its brilliant and it made me laugh out loud, and god do I need a laugh!

In answer to your question, where was my agent?
Believe it or not, she jumped ship and went over to the enemy. After all, publishers are their bread and butter.

Like I said in my blog, KNOW WHO YOU'RE IN BED WITH! Alohas, KIANA DAVENPORT