Friday, September 23, 2011

All My Children

After 40 whatever years today is the last day it will run on network television.  Bye-Bye.

Quite a number a years ago, I lived in a most fortunate town and my neighbor was a "famous" songwriter/composer.  He introduced me to his managers.  They signed me.  Why not, I already had a book sold as a TV movie, I was hardly a beginner.  Since I already liked daytime serials, they sent me to ABC where I was given a chance to do a test script for General Hospital.  They didn't like it and I didn't get a job.  But since I still liked soaps, I decided to write a novel where the girl became the star of a soap.  In Real Life I'm Just Kate.  My managers asked around and All My Children was the only show which would allow me to come to the studio, hang around, ask all the stupid questions I had, and learn how soaps were made.  Then I went home and wrote the Kate book which got the attention of P&G and NBC and that's the short version of how I got into television.  Kate then went on to be optioned as a TV movie and had a paperback edition.  (That's for all you bloody drunk trolls who accuse me of throwing the book Just Kate together and not knowing how to write.  Maybe you don't know how to f'ing read.  I fail to see why I should be more polite to you than you are to me.)  (And PS.  The background image of the cover of Just Kate is the image of a real cover sheet to a script I wrote for The Doctors when I was the headwriter there.)

So thank you AMC for helping me do the research.  Your last weeks have literally been unbelievable.  I was very nostalgic when Ryan's Hope was cancelled.  I was really upset when The Doctors was cancelled because that meant I was out of work!  But this isn't the end of AMC as it's going to the internet because of Prospect Park, the company that produces Royal Pains, so it's just adios for a time.

And much like ebooks have circumvented tradpub, so will the internet put a stake into the heart of network television which has demeaned its audience for decades.

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