Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Didn't Know My Own Worth!


Dream Horse continues to surprise.  For the low low price, you can have a paperback of it

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For approx. $70, this book you can order new for about $10 can be all yours!  Or you can get an original Impossible Charlie for 21 cents.  It is used and if you feel funny about having books that other people have done who knows what with, then you probably should get the paperback.  Or get a kindle copy which no one has ever touched.  That's 99 cents.

Onto that fan mail.  I'm having an interesting exchange with this woman who loves the Bad Apple series  and she is an adult, a young woman in college.  She says she loves YAs because the characters are so complex and the stories are so interesting.

This has been my long held belief-- that you can write much more significant material in a YA, you can get away with more, than an adult book.  Sure some adult material is way out there, but let's try to keep the discussion in the mid-range.

If you write an adult book about 2 people "falling in love" or arranging a lifelong relationship in a realistic way, you'll have a very hard time with it.  Real life is messy, it can be funny and tragic and unexpected and heartbreaking all at the same time.

That's not a "romance".  A romance is the girl likes shoes and the guy is a beast she has to tame or housebreak.  She talks him down to all her friends which indicates pretty much where the relationship is headed.  Divorce court.

So you must be very predictable and give people what they expect.  NLM was a big anomaly for me.  None of my other books come close to that interest and even NLM doesn't come close to its old interest.  It just wasnt what people expected, and very kindly I didn't get 900 1 star reviews reflecting their disappointment.

I stopped reading literary fiction long ago.  I know zombies are popular but the characters always seems anesthetized, incapable of genuine emotion.  Then they had a bloodless affair that didn't wake from from their (obviously clinical) depression.  Maybe I was missing something really significant about all these art novels but I doubt it.

I read Book 2 in the series I started last month.  The 1st had so much promise but this one way undershot the mark for me.  I didn't like the main character in the last book and I pretty much hated him by this one.  There was a shallowness to everything.  I don't know much about French history but it seems to be I've heard about a time period when all the royal types were amoral, bored, gossipy, into drugs and drinking, with nary a thought in their heads.  (Wait.  Isn't that the way royals always are?)  That's what this was like.  Everyone had so much they didn't know what to do with themselves and descended into a base state.  Big bore.  Skimmed most of it which was a shame because I kept looking at my battery icon.  It takes a lot of power to turn the page on an LED screen as opposed to the Kindle thing.  So you're skimming 300 pages and it's more actually because 1 page doesn't fit on a screen, total waste of power and an annoyance.

It'll be made into a movie, I'm sure.

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