Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cecilia, You're Breaking My Heart

I could have called this fan mail.  But I didn't.

Fling got a 5 star review but a complaint about the font.  I use Courier New.  I always have.  She said that I should change back to the font I used with the other books.  Which are all, of course, in Courier New.  So something is going on for her but I did post a question in the Kindle forum and it was answered.

PubIt wants documents in Times New Roman, Arial or Courier New.  They state this quite clearly.  The whole Kindle formatting thing is a bit more on the mysterious side and I can't tell you where the requirements are laid out clearly and definitively.  Except doc and html is required.  No docx.

The Kindle device apparently makes hash of Courier New and really wants this Cecilia thing which I don't even have in Word.  What???
And, upon research, it's not Cecilia, it's Caecilia.
You can download it here.

How about I just use TNR instead.

The second fan mail was less complicated and came through Good Reads.

subject: Next bad apple book... Please? :)
message: Hi. I'm just wondering when you are going to release the next bad apple book. It is one of my favorite series and I'm dying to know what happens between Neal and Truly! Thanks so much for being a fabulous author.

Having taken time off from the Bad Apple series, I can't tell her when this will happen but I appreciate hearing from her, (of course!) and offered her a copy of the new book as a thank you.  I don't know when that will be done either but I'm in the last act.  I don't write as fast as I used to but I write smarter. Oh well.

I like these old Soviet propaganda posters.  They're crudely creative and impart a  frisson of  threat.  Yes, that's a paraphrase of what the poster said originally.

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