Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Schtupid Cupid New Cover

And new title.  Someone has been making suggestions and I've been listening.  Nothing is chiseled into granite like in the old days.

I guess Schtupid Cupid worked but it didn't work that well.  Without being a marketing genius it's hard to know what people are glomming onto.  Are they confused by the word Schtupid?  I'll bet some are. 

Is it a romance or is it a comedy?  What's a romantic comedy?  Then what do you focus on?  Jake the fly boy or how chaotic things are when cupid shoots a zinger at you?

Mona Ingram is telling me how she makes KDP Select work for her so I'm being tempted to try again with her tutelage.  I also recommend any of her romance novels as they're very well written entertainment.

Between that and the rest of life throwing me curve balls, that's why I haven't been around.

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