Sunday, July 22, 2012

Goodbye Legacy Publishing

We Have Turned Some Kind of Corner

I made my first sale on Kobo today.
Nice, great.  Somehow they found me, and bought this book that doesn't even have a price on it.
So what's so cornerish about that?
It was to someone in Singapore.

Goodbye Legacy Publishing.  You can't do that for me.  You never did, you never wanted to, maybe you never could.

What book?  Flash.  About a teen photog in LA.  Undoubtedly unpublishable traditionally.  I can't (or can all too easily) imagine the rejections I could stack up with these 2 books.

Kobo gives a writer far more marketing feedback than anyone else.  In that regard, they have the other guys beat by miles.  Maybe I sold books in Australia by Amazon in the past but never knew.  The point being is with Kobo now I know.  I don't know what I do with that knowledge--I guess I wait for Joe Konrath to tell me.  But all knowledge is power.  Or is power just power.  I don't know anymore the way things are going, but that's what they used to say and data is valuable.  People do pay for it.

Amazon.  I had that falls-flat-on-its-face freebie last week.  Unspeakable Desirable has sold a couple copies since and that was one of the excerpts in Fly Away.  Very hard to say if that's the reason but it should be pointed out.

Inhibitions/Waiting For You sold a copy after the title change.

I changed the cover for Just Kate.  It was time.

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