Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fly Away Freebie

Right?  It's a Gimme Cap.  It is totally legitimate to try a giveaway of a novella with excerpts of NLM and UD with the proviso that I'm being coached this time.  I was given a list of Facebook pages guaran-damn-teed to increase visibility.  Which of course if I had been on FB at all before 4 weeks ago I could have searched for myself had I even thought of it which I wouldn't but I was a FB virgin and quite liked it that way.

In preparation for this big day, I got everything all perfect.  I had the cover.  I wrote a blurb.  I asked for input.  It was tweaked.  The description was tweaked.  I was so good to go.

Then I had a nightmare about 6 hours ago--no this is true, why would I invent something so stupid to say to you--that ALL my books were free due to some horrible computer glitch.  I woke up and hauled myself to the computer to ascertain it was not true.  It was not.

Okay, start the process.  About 1/2 way in I realize --Wow.  The cover is wrong.  It's imperative to move the title.

It was an artistic choice to leave the text off the wing.  But as I was looking at it in thumbnail, it wasn't doing me any favors.

So here's what's being posted on various Facebook pages.    If you include the link, FB will automatically go to Amazon, get the cover and the description and post it on the page for you.  Everyone besides me probably knew that already.

Yes, most of it actually happened to me and "Jake" was a pilot for American Airlines.  That should make you all kinds of comfortable next time you get on board a commercial jet.  (After being groped by the TSA, of course.)

FREE.  FLY AWAY. July 12-July 14.  Lis wanted to fly away but didn’t mean it so literally until meeting daredevil flyboy, Jake, who redefines the phrase "turning your world on its head".

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