Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kobo And Their Freebies

I got a very nice note from support Kobo yesterday with screencaps.  I don't think you should bother complaining about something (or in their case explaining) without them.  Plus you go on record.  Important.

Here's the first deal with them.  If you're logged into your account, you can't see a buy button on your book's page.  If you're not logged in, you can.

Sorry, I don't get the point of that.  How about if we see exactly what the customer sees.  That would be helpful.

Second deal, they don't keep track of how many free books you give away.  You're just tossing them out the freaking window.  I cannot say how accurate this is.  Kids/teen fiction.  (It's a stupid way, sorry, yes, it's stupid) to categorize two age groups who have as much in common as teens and senior citizens.)


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