Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Drive-By Shooting Reviews

It's all Drunk Trolls.  Apparently some kind of hallucinogen has been introduced into one of the popular reading sites and the drunk trolls are going nuts.  Wilding behavior.

Long time readers know I've been going on about this for the past year.  Writers are very vulnerable to "readers" with a blow fly up their nose.  These people might not even read the book and give it a negative review--which explains so much about how dumb some of the reviews are.  I think my personal fav is the one that whines "this book is so cunfusing!"

The problem is when the sites refuse to police their own sites.  Malicious reviews are not removed.  It took over a year for me to get a couple reviews removed from BN and they were complaints that the book wouldn't download.  Now I have another issue BN is unable to deal with.

Didn't I say it would get to the point where authors would start shrieking before anything happened?  We're not there yet because some writers are having a really good time.  When that stops, when Joe Konrath is outed, or someone stupidly picks on Barry Eisler once too often, then we'll see movement.

Until then we'll just have to accept being abused.

Just as a reminder Fly Away will be a freebie tomorrow at Amazon.  I'll make a nice post about it but this is freebie eve.

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