Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Monkey Doodle Doo and Kobo Writing Life Open

First Dessert--The Monkey Doodle Doo

Irving Berlin was one of the great geniuses of  20th century popular music AFAIC and you can't be grumpy after listening to this wonderful interpretation by Scott Lasky.  Composed in 1913, it's 99 years old and better than anything today.  IMHO.  This piece of music was used in the 1929 Marx Brothers movie, The Cocoanuts.

And Kobo's where I was all yesterday afternoon getting books uploaded.  It's a very attractively designed site, easy to navigate, the speed is excellent, the process streamlined.  The Kobo team obviously studied BN and Amazon closely, found all the problem areas then avoided them.

While Kobo is a small market share now, I suspect that will change quickly.  It's also good for Amazon to have some competition,  Real competition, not BN, which doesn't innovate, doesn't change anything and is nearly impossible to navigate.  Maybe Amazon will think of another way for people to promote books.

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