Saturday, July 21, 2012

Kobo First Five Days

You can get things live with remarkable speed.  That's fantastic and lovely.  You won't get all the changes you put in. 

I have 2 books for free download.  I have no idea how many, if any, have been downloaded.  Where do you see those stats?

Where is the contact information for Writing For Life Support?  I can't find that.  I contacted Kobo by email and got a confirmation email.  Never heard back.  I called them.  They said they would send me up a level to Tier Two.  Doesn't that sound promising?!  I got a confirmation email.  I never heard from the Tier 2 people.

I haven't sold any copies.  OTOH, about half of my books are listed with no price.

Ari and the Doctor is ranked #1 in Screenwriting!!  Yay me!  It's a fantasy.  You go to the screenwriting list and I am not #1.  Ditto for all the other rankings--totally unrelated to reality.

Periodically there is a small box between the fb icon and the Pinterest icon.  It had a number in it.  I thought that could be downloads.  Maybe page views.  It disappears.  Sometimes it's there, sometimes not.  There is no explanation for it.  I mean when you hover over something, sometimes you get a clue what it is.  Not with this.

Not great to have a large preview flag on top of my cover.  It either covers my name or the title.  How'd they think that was a good idea?  Even Amazon gave that practice up long ago and moved whatever it said below the image.

So personally I'm disappointed in the results, as a writer I acknowledge it has great potential but maybe they should have kept it in Beta a while longer.  Price?  I'm there to sell books and there's no buy button?  I didn't go to Wharton Business School but you'd think that would have been the first thing worked out.

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