Monday, May 28, 2012


I can easily say never again because there are no more backlist books I'm insane enough to tackle.  This was worse than writing it from scratch because you foolishly try to keep stuff.  Scott Fitzgerald wrote the first draft, then threw it away and wrote the second draft from memory.  That would have been smarter to do.

Off topic--I wonder how Scott would feel about Leo diCaprio playing Jay Gatsby.

I had a professor in college who said that no performance of Shakespeare ever lived up to what she imagined.  Okay.  I prefer seeing the things myself.  But it makes me wonder if there are literary characters that defy film.  Maybe Jay Gatsby is one.  Robert Redford?  No.  Whether Jay Gatsby/Gatz/Katz was Jewish or not, Robert Redford doesn't reek of being on the outside looking in.  He's too handsome, too confident.

Jay Gatsby is someone who's afraid of his inner nebbish.

So Unheard.  What's there to say.  It'll be live when BN and Amazon get to it.  It's a better book than Renie Lake and I hope people find it.

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