Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Since it's pouring here, I don't have a lot of possible shiny objects to distract me from Unheard so I reworked the grasses.

For those of you who might want to try this, the key is to choose an image where one element can be easily isolated.  This image is not good at all.  If you think back to the subway cinemagraph, that's easy to isolate.  The taxi reflection in the window.  Easy, it's a rectangle.  Trying to isolate blades of grass is dumb.  It works but other vids would lend themselves to this experiment much better.

I think what appeals to me about the cinemagraph is the same thing that appeals to me about still photography and also my writing.  Because the image is unmoving your eye is caught by the only elements in motion which focuses your attention on that.  I want to pay greater attention to the significant details I miss.  It would be nice if anything I do causes people to pay attention, too, but I don't think about that.  I only want to focus my own attention.

Unheard.  I got to the end.  Yes, I rewrote most of the last half of the book and I mean I tossed it out.  They weren't line edits.  Now I have to revisit the first half and track everything.   Like with the Kate book, getting the chance to rethink it produced something I consider better.  Will anyone else?  Very few people will read both and compare.  They'll just read this and probably compare it to the Disney show with the deaf girl.

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