Monday, May 21, 2012

The Shifting Sands of The Digital Word

Yesterday I published The Buttercup book which admittedly has very few words and most of them are that copyright stuff.

Today I saw a better buttercup so revised the photos and uploaded the new version.

This is not the one I added but it's a good one.

There was a post I didn't bother to read that was a lament by someone older and more tired than even me about his backlist and he didn't have the energy to get involved with this new technology.  I'm sorry for him and sometimes I get tired too but there was a point in my life when I felt I had nothing left to say in the YA realm.  So I switched to something else.  If you have nothing left to say then you probably don't have the energy or fire to get involved with publishing.  And yeah it's true that it can be a big mistake to look at things you wrote when you started out because every book leaves you in a new smarter place.

I understand why he doesn't want to touch his old work, there's part of me who tells me I should never have touched Renie Lake.  But gee, when I read the new scenes with Jan, I'm enchanted by what I set up but wasn't smart enough to go there years ago. 

You can change anything.  Maybe that's good.  Maybe that's not good.  Maybe some things shouldn't be so flexible.  I like being able to change my mind.

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