Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pic du Jour

Because I am still working on Unheard and it's turning into rewriting the whole thing.  Never doing it again.  People say "I wish Morgenroth would turn her other horse book into digital format."  Yeah, ain't gonna happen.
What are the 2 books I'm forgetting??  No, I shouldn't think about it.  Okay, I had to look and be reminded.  Yeah I'm definitely not revisiting those.

So there's a  new Nikon out and it costs about $4000.  I'm sure it's great.  Do people make money as photographers now?  With newspapers and magazines going out of business, it doesn't seem like the same vibrant arena that it was when I was a photography major.  I'm sure some people do, but like anything there are so many people doing everything.

Seth Godin has a blog post about finding a niche and filling it.  I agree.  The problem I stated last week I think it was is that I'm sure the slices can be cut real thin and I'm sure even a small audience can be substantial but how do they find you?  That's why we need the e-harmonybook edition.

Sorry.  Back to the new wonderful Nikon.  Is it more wonderful than my D7k?  Is it $3000 more wonderful?
Again I'll say to Nikon--just give me a great camera with the least number of bells and whistles that will produce images that will make people keel over they're so fantastic.  $1500 tops.  I don't need video.  And it's in the D7k.  I love that camera.  But a great part of what makes a photo fantastic is what the photographer brings to it, not what the tool brings to it.  It's about vision.  It's about telling a story in a meaningful way that touches the audience.  16 megapixels, 36 megapixels.  At some point unless you're shooting for a billboard, it's overkill.

Photographers, or writers, need to have their very personalized vision and that's what you're selling.

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