Thursday, May 3, 2012


As if I didn't have enough to do.  I was really convinced I could just reformat the Renie Lake thing and publish it but when you proofread you have to read it.  I knew I didn't want to do that.  But I did so now I'm in the middle of a huge unintended rewrite.  And a retitle.

Why am I rewriting it?  Because uh...I actually don't remember writing this book--it's a long time ago--and I don't know what I was thinking.  I can understand why it got the attention it did then, but whatever the point of it was then is not where I am now.  I'm not convinced I should have revisited it to be superhonest (as Renie would have said).

The camera bag arrived and it's pretty darn wonderful.  I measured the camera and she had the dimensions listed but you know as well as I do all that's about numbers so I had no clue if it would fit, I expected it to be smaller than it is.  That D7k is not a point and shoot although I don't feel it's that big, I'm not familiar with Canon Rebels which she used to measure.  It arrived and there's plenty of room in there.  Here's my old Nikon, the 85 mm and the 55-200 zoom.  The spaces for the lenses can push back flat against the rear of the bag so you could actually stick a tablet (or lunch) in there if you had to.  I think just about any camera with a reasonable length lens would fit.  If you have a 300 mm telephoto then probably not

It's handmade of upholstery fabric and well padded.  It's not for real traveling but more of a day-trip kind of thing and it's exactly what I needed.  There are many different fabrics to choose from--I got the 1 on sale.  She's got bags/cases for iPads and such, too.  Janine King Designs.

Every day it seems, some article pops up where the elites wail about the revolt of the masses.  Yesterday some jerk called Amazon the Great Satan (which is a term Iran uses for America).  Amazon is not a terrorist organization, Jeff Bezos is not evil unless of course you're a socialist and you think capitalism is a bad thing, and they don't want to wipe America off the map but this was said with all the dumb conviction this person could muster.  All this makes me have less regard for their intelligence.  And they think they're the elites and we're the proles.  Delusional.

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