Friday, May 25, 2012

Buttercups Freebie Weekend

Then I was treated to a forum underneath the listing with the heading "How to Avoid Indie Books".  They want Amazon to flag the indie books so they are more easily avoidable.    I saw this on my Nook and couldn't find it when I went to the desktop.  So definitely for these people--please stay away from indies.  And you who posted about  liking sci/fantasy, don't bother with that Hugh Howey guy, he's really indie so no good, why don't you just wait till the Ridley Scott film comes out of Howey's novel Wool?

Apparently the dissonance created by the death of tradpub is not only in tradpub.  Some readers can't tolerate the disconnection either.

Here's the reality.  Indie publishing is here to stay.  It's part of the modern world, modern technology.  As it rises, trad pub will diminish.  Some of it will be awful, some of it will be good, some of it will be spectacular.  Just like indie music.

I'm somewhat excited by the prospect of getting some really clueless reviews on the Buttercup book.  Since it lacks text, someone has to complain!

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