Friday, May 18, 2012

Fighting The Last War

No idea why this came to me this morning.  Had no idea who sang it or what the title was.  Almost needless to say these sentiments could hardly be expressed today.

I don't spend vast amounts of time going from one writing/book blog to another, but I am aware of a few and what is said there.  In general, it seems they are fighting the last war.  We're in a digital age with indie publishing.  Whoever wants to do tradpub doesn't really need any advice.  They're already missing the important part--stay away from it.  If you're Ms Bestselling Author you also don't need any advice.

Being in digital and getting advice from people mired in the past is not going to be very helpful.  Good writing is good--always, timelessly--but how you're going to approach the other moving elements is very different.  The answers aren't always known.  Kindle is 3 or 4 years old, BN is 2, Kobo isn't even open yet.  This is a new adventure.

Change is difficult.  Some people do it more easily than others, some are very resistant, some are downright cranky about it.  You can see this as you go from site to site.

Keep your head down, write.  Keep writing.  Like the Magic 8 Ball says-- things will become clearer.

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