Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Apple Blossom Book

Yes, I gathered 12 images together and made an essay of them, too.  I'll put that up as a freebie next month which is not very far away now.

Let's review my experiences with freebies.  They don't work.  I've never seen appreciable sales on other books because something else was free.  I had one review on the Verrine book that said she got it as a freebie.  I have had no other reviews so identified--but I don't seem to excite people to go on and write reviews either.

I'll stick to my belief that most people pick up freebies not because they're particularly interested in *that* book rather they grab books that are free and like squirrels hide them away for a rainy day.  They may never read them.

This is somewhat related to the very nice sales of Not Low Maintenance last spring.  Thousands of copies were sold at 99 cents.  I think it has 14 reviews.  You would think there would be more.  For 99 cents, they could download it with the intention of reading it sometime in the future.  I have books on the Nook that I'll read someday, I can't imagine why I'm so different in that regard from other people.  If the book cost $2.99 or more, I think that's a big incentive to get your money's worth and read the thing.

So I'm saying higher prices probably make better sense/cents all around.

You're probably saying "This woman doesn't make any sense.  She says freebies don't work and she's putting books up for free."

I do write as a professional.  When I gave up being a photographer, I stopped being a professional.  These are photos that for one reason or another aren't appropriate for stock photo sales but they are still attractive and I'd like people to see them.  It doesn't cost me anything to publish them, I already have them in the camera, an investment in a couple hours of formatting is better than playing Boggle.  That's the explanation.

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