Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Quandary

I wasn't going to post anything this morning or even today but I'm so annoyed I must.

Here's an instructive article for us all to read.  Actually, don't bother giving them the traffic.

How a failed author made $2 million from e-books

Excuse me.  What is "failed" about Amanda Hocking?  She wrote some books that were completely dismissed by the high mucky-mucks in NYC.  When it was possible to present them to an audience, these books were embraced enthusiastically and she made 2 million dollars in less than a year.  Cut off my arms and call me a clothespin, that sounds like success to me.

Let me check again for who failed.  I think we can all agree that was the LEGACY PUBLISHING BUSINESS.

If publishers are in business of bringing the books readers want to read to the reading audience, it's EF.  Epic Fail.

Let me say this again for those new to this blog.  Traditional Publishers are very nearly completely clueless.  They are snooty elites who think they are above you and me.  They think, nay BELIEVE, they are smarter, prettier, cleverer, smell better and have greater wisdom and morality. They think we are chumps.

It is so over for them.

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