Sunday, March 20, 2011

High Finance

Finally.  All the math is laid out for us and we can plainly see for ourselves how it costs as much, if not more, for a big publisher to bring an ebook to kindle as it does to print the darn thing.  This is practically a charitable exercise.

I originally said more but I deleted it.  What I will point out is Not Low Maintenance's rank as of this afternoon
In the second category listed, this puts me ahead of James Patterson and David Baldacci.  Temporarily I know.  With all the disclaimers as to their millions and my tens of dollars.  All their publicity.  Me none.  All the weight of the company behind them.  My 2 dogs behind me.

What did it cost me to turn NLM into an ebook?  Why can someone...oh let me use the derisive term...sitting in their pajamas at a 3.5 year old computer and a CRT monitor, turn out a book that sneaks by their big guns with a handmade cover?

And let me tell you I made that lipstick case from scratch and had to figure out how to get the lipstick smear, too.  That was worth a lot more than 28 cents worth of my time.  At least 30.

And I'm not the only indie writer in the top 20.


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