Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This Has Nothing To Do With Writing

Unless I'm really more clever than I suspect and am able to drag it around to it by the end.

She's quite striking isn't she.  A little Natasha Henstridge action going on.  You know she's from some Balkanized country but you can't quite place it.  She's all the rage in European high fashion circles this month.  I don't know how long flavors last.

Maybe what you can't place is that she's a guy.  His name is Andrej Pejic and he's 19.

Cool.  If you're an elitist type European who hates themselves so desperately they want to disavow their culture, their religion and now finally their sex.

Boys will be boys.  Not on your freakin' life!  Boys will be girls.  Finally the women in Sweden can stop calling men "walking..." the p word.  I don't want to get too graphic because I have an audience of 9 year olds.

I've said it before and apparently I'm going to say it again and again.  Men are big, they can be like goats with a scent all their own which is so pungent it can make your eyes water, and they break stuff sometimes intentionally and sometimes accidentally.  They can be clueless and impatient and don't want to snuggle on the sofa and watch White Christmas every year during the holiday season.  They are altogether lovely, necessary and can possess the most amazing instinct for protecting others.   Another great thing about men is that they're not women.  They are the other.  That's how this system works.  The only thing as good as a real man is a real woman.

But there ya go.  I'm not an effete elitist who thinks people are cluttering up the planet and we should all die so the snail darter can exist happily.  And I'm not going to be writing books where the female character criticizes men endlessly yet bemoans the fact that no man is interested in spending the rest of their life with a whining, inconsiderate shrew.

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