Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Day Of The Year

It's been quite a journey to reflect upon.  I have no idea what I was thinking a year ago.  I had published Impossible Charlie (now Dream Horse)  in paperback using Lightning Source and understood immediately I couldn't do that again.  In Oct. 2009 I put Charlie on Smashwords as a test.  It was doing nothing and has continued to do nothing there.  I don't know what I was thinking about ebooks.  I had recently signed with an agent and had given him my mystery Mr Mitnick's Harem.  I expected he would read it and get back to me with a game plan for getting it sold.  November passed.  No word.  December passed.  No word.  I was angry by this day last year.  By January I was already ready to fire him.  It's unprofessional to make your client wait over 2 months to read and respond to a project.  (Fast forward many months and it was about 8 months that he had Sweeps/Love After Lunch and he never got back to me on that at all.)

I don't know when I found Joe Konrath.  Even he, a year ago, was more tradpub, uncertain about ebooks.  Things moved very fast for everyone in 2010.

Here's an interesting article about the music biz but pertains to artists of all kinds in this new world.
Kulash on Rock 

I hope to get Burning Daylight published today but maybe it won't, because I'm sitting here burning daylight.
It'll happen this weekend.  Maybe tomoro is a better day anyway.  Silly idea, really.

Two last thoughts.  Now that digital publishing is a real thing--don't make excuses, make good.
And to wish you a happy new year,  here is one of Neal Marchal's favorite songs in Burning Daylight.

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