Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm # 15 I'm # 15

The sprites of website navigation smiled kindly on me and I determined why Summer Horse sold so many copies yesterday.  It's #15 on the bestseller list for kids 9-12 at B&N. 

Since I don't know how or why that happened, I can't tell you or me how to make it happen with any other book.  Give it the best cover and the best description you can.

I can tell you things I didn't do.  It wasn't reviewed (there's a site for reviewing ebook kiddie lit???).  I posted announcements months ago at the Kindle Forum and Nookboards.  I think between the 2 maybe 10 people looked at the post.  (Ditto for Dream House, a total bore).  I didn't go around like a maniac talking it up.  I didn't have a link in my sig pointing everyone to it.  In other words, I did nothing to help it.  I was too busy and the whole scrambling around the net doing something I find distasteful is a snooze to me.

I find it annoying for writers to keep clobbering people/potential readers over the head with their desperate attempts at drumming up readership.  I am so wrong as proven by Konrath's sales as well as Karen McQuestion's and others.  This is the proven way to success.  But it's not in my personality.  So I don't do it.

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