Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Merriest of Christmases

My readers have made me blessed this week and I thank every one of you.

The sales have been incredible.  Having dyscalcula, I gave up trying to keep a spreadsheet a couple days ago when BN changed the format of their reports.  Just too many number for me.  I do know that yesterday Summer Horse sold more copies than all my books at Amazon for the month.  Today it's right on track to top those figures.  It's up to #422 which is unbelievable to me and I'm very grateful.

The beautiful surprise this morning was to see Bad Apple 1 sold 7 copies.  People are finding it, it must have gotten on a list.

All this suggests that there's a new generation of readers coming on  board now.  We had the early adopters who liked the violence and gore, then the vampires and now new people have Nooks (it seems, geez, I'd get a Nook Color rather than a b&w Kindle, too) and finding other books.  It's lovely and wonderful.  I can honestly say I have written or worked harder this year than any time in my life and that includes my years in television.

I still have so much to do, but I can only think just so fast and no faster.

I did finish Bad Apple 2--Burning Daylight yesterday and since the book itself ends on Dec. 31st, I would love to publish it on the 31st.  That means a brutal amount of work in the next 6 days.  Plus I have to create a cover.  Luckily I know more about Photoshop than I did 6 months ago!

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