Thursday, December 23, 2010

Formatting, Irate Readers and Something Else

I don't know how well prepared some of these companies are for the explosion in ebook demand, from a publisher POV.   Amazon seems to be doing well overall.  They at least have a support department.  BN not so much.

There are some formatting issues for BN that don't exist for Kindle.  At the top of the frame for Nook there's a place for the title to be automatically inserted.  If it doesn't exist in that secret place, the program inserts "letterdefault" which looks terrible and I've had a complaint.

So here's a hint on that.  In Word (not at all intuitively as nothing is for Microscoff), go to Prepare>Properties>Summary.  Fill in the appropriate information.  If you're using html, you can see where you need to fill in the spaces at the top of the file.

This doesn't exist for Kindle.  And it shouldn't.  There's no reason why metadata or document properties should be getting anywhere near a book and its customer, but there ya have it.

I had a reader complain that the text wasn't dark enough.  Stumped.  I don't know how to fix that.  I opened the same document in Kindle for PC and it was terrific.  In Nook for PC, yes, it was lighter.  Again, it seems like BN's end but I'll accept the blame if it's my ignorance.

I went to view the Just Kate page at BN and someone left a review with 2 stars.   "uurgghhh" was very annoyed that she downloaded the book but it wouldn't load so it was a "wast of monney".  Since she didn't read the book because she couldn't, still she was mean-spirited enough to slam Kate for 99 cents.  Again, nothing I can do about her inability to download the book but I did contact BN and asked them to remove the unfair review.  At least READ the book if you're going to "review" it.

So it feels like BN wasn't quite prepared for all this since they don't even have a functioning support desk for independent publishers the way Amazon does.  We'll look forward to the new year and everyone, especially me, getting our acts together.

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