Saturday, August 25, 2012

Waxed Paper Is Wonderful

I saw the coolest patterned wax paper for sale from Japan.  Then I read the sales blurb.  Total Engrish.

It goes down under the cake at parties and,
Paper of the stylish pattern that is good to perform lapping of a cake or bread♪

I can wrap handmade bread and candy, the various things including the flower from a cake splendidly.
I am glad even if I take it if I have you present a handmade cake with such a wonderful wrapper!

I can wrap it without the doughnuts which are oily being sticky!
As for the hospitality is possible smartly if spread it under the cake, and washing a dish easily!
I am pretty and am the convenient wax paper which is excellent even if I take it.

It is ... the party that I am more stylish, and is wonderful in a time of the afternoon♪

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