Saturday, August 18, 2012

Free Free Free

Last month when Fly Away was free, a friend told me about Pixels of Ink.  Today I was reminded of it.  I don't remember quite how it works, if you submit your freebie to them or they find you but they have an email that goes out listing some Kindle freebies.  I think I downloaded two today from there and one Kobo because I wanted to see these particular writers' styles.

You could read indefinitely for free.  I feel this week that you're better off pricing your book reasonably  at $2.99 or whatever and then if you want to put it on sale for 99 cents, that's a deal.  That's fine.  Amazon isn't particularly involved, you don't have to be in Select and they're not price matching.

So 209 copies of Sweet Tarts was downloaded for free at Amazon in the past 3 weeks or whatever.  (Again thank you Amazon, it made me smarter.)  The point of this short story besides that I think it's a window into this character and her life, is that Nothing Serious is excerpted in it.  There have been no sales of NS at Kobo and so minimal at Amazon I wouldn't attribute them to the excerpt. 

I still think excerpts are good and so do most writers.  As a reader, I don't think I ever read one but it makes sense to do it.

I can't say that having Sweet Tarts free for an extended amount of time did anything for any of my other books.  Most of the downloads were immediate then trickled off.  But it's a short story and it's not porn.  It's about a call girl but there's no hot sex in it.  It doesn't deliver if the reader is ...not looking for something that will make them think.  (Yay!  I think I worded that well.)

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