Friday, August 3, 2012

I Hate Feisty

When the entertainment business (I include publishing in this) finds a formula that works, they work it to death.
Feisty, short women who can fight a man to the ground is one standard character.

Snarky, sarcastic and ready with a zinger is another character type. 

This actually goes against my religious teachings.  Wow.  People actually still pay attention to stuff like that?  How antediluvian!  Maybe so.  My rabbi didn't like zingers.  They're a passive aggressive attack by a small person.  These zinger things are particularly popular on sitcoms.  I can't give you any examples because I stopped watching such shows who have the intention to cut other people down long ago. 

If I do include such things in my work it's to show how not to behave, not as behavior to praise, to find amusing or to emulate.

So I don't know what feisty is.  I'm listening to internet radio and they're advertising a book it seems like every commercial break about this feisty 25 year old lawyer.  I don't know what that woman could be like.  I don't know what kind of man could like a woman like that.  I don't know what kind of friends she would have.  She sounds sort of dangerous to know, someone who might turn on you when you least expect it.  If someone feists at another person, I certainly expect them to do it to me at some point.  What would make me different in their eyes?

But this is all too deep for publishing.  We just want the 5'1" feisty chick who knows Tae Kwan Do or some exotic martial arts which enables her to brings down a man who weighs twice as much as she does.  And she's Hot Hot Hot in bed, too.  You could fry an egg on her little thighs.

I am so out of step with traditional publishing it's no wonder they had no use for me.

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