Monday, August 20, 2012

Question About Length

Late last week someone became very grumpy about the length of Fly Away.  It is a novella but at 20,000+ words it didn't satisfy her.  I wish she had asked for her money back instead of upsetting herself.  Amazon is really good about refunds.

Joe Konrath has a comment on his new post where he talks about length.

I know on some level readers are spoiled by legacy publishers who wanted long books in order to make more money.  They're not accustomed to short.  Oh well.

I like short and I'm going to be doing "short" from now on.  If I have to price it less, yeah I know Amazon isn't very helpful in the royalty schedule but Kobo is.  So maybe it'll even out.

I made a cover for a book this morning that I don't have the story to but I was scrolling through Bigstock and found something so cute that for $2.99 I had to.

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