Tuesday, August 7, 2012

No Expectations

I've been having an interaction with two people over the last few days but also interacting with the world at large.  That happens when you publish a book now.  The whole world has access to it.

I changed (you think I'm going off topic already) the cover to Sweet Tarts which Amazon very kindly priced matched for me.  So thank you, Amazon, sincerely.

So what's the difference?  I put my name on it.  It used to say Noel Adrian.

Noel Adrian PhD is the sociologist in the story conducting the oral history of sex workers.  It's published by the Springset Institute who commissioned Dr. Adrian to go to Hollywood and speak with Madam Doucette's (sweet tart in French) girls.

It's all a fiction because it's fiction.  But I think people are confused.  I think they're confused by the entire thing.  If it's a call girl there should be hot sex in it.  There's no real sex in this short story.  It's not erotica, it's more--yikes--literary fiction.

This is the story of a damaged woman and because of the abuse she suffered early on, she doesn't know how to make good choices.  She falls back on what she knows best again and again and again.  That's the story of Tierney Reed, call girl.

Everyone expects it to be hot erotica.  It's not, it's a mini-tragedy.

I'm not misleading readers by telling them in the blurb there's no sex in the story.

On to the other expectations.  And mine!  I have them too and am disappointed as well.

I thought when we went to digital--Finally, traditional publishing and all the rules and compartmentalization and genres were behind us.  I thought--Oh good, now we can experiment.  Now we are free.  Go back to my first post on this blog.  Jack Bruce singing I Feel Free.

Today I don't feel so free.  Yesterday someday was trying to pigeonhole one of my books "What is it.  Comedy?  Romance?  Drama?  I read the blurb and it's very misleading."

It's only misleading if you have expectations and are projecting them onto a book you've never read.  If you want to understand the book, read it.  Don't expect the author to explain it to you.  That's what the book is for.

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