Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Book In The Works

Yeah, well it's a secret still but that's what I've been concentrating on.  That and the cover.
I've been in contact with a book designer to do something with the adult fiction and she gave me a couple hints for the new book, a Mature YA.  Got a thumbs up on the test cover so I felt good about that positive feedback.

Apparently I have a some design sense but, as I assured you, no ability to draw whatsoever.

I was very surprised that Montlake bought out Avalon where the length requirement was 40,000 wds and then said Montlake is looking for 60-90,000 wds.  That's a long book AFAIC.  And I'm baffled why there should be length requirements in digital.

The reason traditional publishing went to FORCING writers to vomit forth so many words was purely financial.  Is anyone seriously going to argue that a good writer can't fully tell the story in 30 or 40,000 wds?  Did Hemingway cheat us?  Did he leave something out?

There are exceptions to every rule.  Each Harry Potter book got longer, and in a sense worse.  The Goblet of Fire story was not served well by the added length.  I know Rowling had the plan of doing the 7 years of school in 7 books.  Ok.  And she had a lot to say.  Ok.  I would prefer it if a writer had such a massive vision for a tale, break it up into shorter bits.  Some people like really long books, they want to remain in that world.  Maybe it's better in fantasy and "epic" type books.  It's too much for me and I don't read fantasy.

All a way to say that I set forth to write 30,000 wds for this book and it made it a much more pleasant experience for me.  I'm nearing the end which is good because I still have a ton of writing to do before the end of the year.  Bad Apple 4 is definitely on the schedule. 

People seem to be really stuck in the past and what tradpub did/still wants than to be free and experiment in digital.  The audience ALWAYS expects the same thing until they find something different enchanting.

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