Friday, August 17, 2012

End of the Week News Dump

I took all my freebies off Kobo.  Part of the reason why was that Amazon stopped price matching Sweet Tarts.  The other reason was I couldn't tell if it was working.  The Missed Wish was in the top 100 free YAs sometimes in the top 5.  But it's a clunky list and I couldn't find Bad Apple on there.  I had Flash for free for a week.  It was just a completely unsatisfying experience.  If Kobo can't tell you how many books are being downloaded, I don't want to play the game.

What I did instead was create a "new" book.  5 chapters of Flash as a sample and I put that for free at Kobo.  Shortened the blurb by about 2/3.  Next week I'll go back and make sure all my prices are back where they should be because going temporarily to 99 cents didn't produce 1 sale.  I'll probably try this with a couple other books, too, but it's been very busy around here.

If a paranormal book is released you can pretty much expect it to be at the top of the chart momentarily. 

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